Point of Sales Systems That Will Boost your Sales & Manage your Inventory Efficiently


If you are the owner of a small business and you are ready to let go of the ancient cash register and move on to a point of sales system, then chances are that you may be a little confused or overwhelmed by choices, and with hundreds of systems available out there, it is easy to see why. To make things a little easier for you, in this article we have put together three great POS systems that suit a few different types of businesses and hopefully they will be of help to you in your decision making process.


If you are the owner of a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, some other type of dining venue and so on, then this is the perfect POS system for you. It is a cloud-based POS that has specifically been created for iOS users that want to serve their customers promptly and with more efficiency. With this system you get a bunch of different benefits like managing tableside orders, floor plans and tables all at the same time, the ability to direct and schedule staff, the ability to create interesting menus and the great perk of inventory management all on your iPad. You will also have access to reporting and analytics in the cloud from anywhere at any time, right on the iPad.

QuickBooks POS

This point of sales system come is Basic and Pro versions and can be used for anything from tracking inventory management, to tracking sales and customers very quickly and efficiently. The app helps the business owners track their customer information and then provides some great features that will help these owners to boost their customer retention and loyalty in order to get repeat sales from them. The way that the system does this is that it tracks the customers’ purchases and with that it can tell you which products and brands a certain customer likes to buy which will help you create special personalized deals.

Bindo POS

This is another cloud-based POS system that will allow customers to shop online form anywhere just by using their mobile device. Another great thing is that is has the ability to smoothly integrate with CRM apps in order to help you engage your clients in some very positive ways and also help you build some very profitable business relationships with them as well. One of the most notable features about the Bindo POS is the inbuilt analytics that have the ability to track inventory management and make intelligent decisions about everything that surrounds the inventory process. If you use this system, your customers will be able to order from you site with ease and the whole process of buying and selling is very simple and it enhances the overall customer experience.

If you want your business to work more productively and with more efficiency, then there is no doubt that a point of sales system is the way to go for you, especially if you are the owner of a small business. The real struggle now is to find the right one for you and your business and implement it as fast as you can.

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