Point-of-Sale Systems – The Best POS Restaurant Solutions for 2018

Running a restaurant can be a big challenge and if you are a restaurant owner then you surely know this. Connecting the front and the back of the house in a way that works seamlessly can be very difficult which is why POS systems are pretty much essential. If you want know what some of the best POS restaurant systems are, then keep on reading this article for a few great suggestions.

Revel Systems POS

This is a POS system that is targeted specifically towards restaurants, breweries, cinemas, bars, salons and grocery stores and it’s great because it covers all the essentials like quick service, full service as well as retail for both the front and the back-office processes. The system has an ingredient-level inventory that gives you a real-time insight and alerts you when the stocks are diminishing, it allows you to make menu updates that are auto synced with the POS itself, it can handle enterprise needs of both a franchise and a chain of restaurants, and these are just some of the many options this POS has.

Lightspeed Restaurant

This is another very reliable POS restaurant system that streamlines the hospitality experience for the customers and the managers. This is a cloud-based solution that will let you manage your staff, monitor the performance of the staff and the restaurant as well as serve customers on time and accurately. The system also comes with adjustable menu and floor plan with photos, prices and descriptions alongside, flexible pricing options and an order management system that is mistake-proof, other useful integrations that include synchronized performance with Lightspeed Accounting as it also generates end-of-day reports after the end of every work day.

Toast POS

This is actually one of the few systems that are meant to be used with an Android system instead of an iPad, and this is a great thing because Android tablets are known to be more suitable for restaurants because of their affordable price and flexibility. This is an end-to-end restaurant management system that is perfect for tableside management, the system offers options to automate loyalty and discount programs, it offers bundled hardware with a one-time pricing option and provides a subscription-based pricing model that is based on the core software while also offering add-on modules such as online ordering, and these are just some of the many options that make this POS system unique.

When it comes to POS restaurant systems, the good news is that there are many of them available out there, all with different price ranges and different options. This means that even if you didn’t find your perfect match on our short list, you shouldn’t lose hope because there is definitely something else out there that will suit your business perfectly.