Every retailer knows that it is crucial to accept debit and credit cards from customers. If you want to do this, you must select a merchant service provider. After that, you have to pick a POS (Point of Sale) terminal. In most cases, the providers will give you a few suggestions about the POS terminal they find the best for your business. However, it is a smart move to learn more about these terminals before you agree. We are living in a world where many things are going wireless. For instance, there are wireless phones, wireless chargers, wireless lights and even wireless controllers. So, it is no surprise that there are wireless POS terminal options too. But, does your business need a wireless POS terminal?

For starters, you should be aware that wireless POS terminals are more expensive compared to classic, wired terminals. We cannot say how much more you should pay for them, but according to some statistics, this terminal will cost you between $10 and $30 more per month. The cost we’ve mentioned include the terminal’s connection to a mobile payment processing provider. So, we are talking about a classic phone bill. In addition, while we are talking about the cost, you should know that the majority of merchant service providers are offering wireless lease agreements at a higher price compared to standard lease agreements. This is not a surprise because wireless terminals are more sophisticated and usually need additional technical support. For instance, it is possible to use a classic POS terminal, leased at around $20 a month. However, the same wireless model will cost you about $30 and additional $10-$20 a month for the wireless plan.

If you are thinking about using a wireless POS terminal, you should think about the network you will use. There are situations when some wireless service providers don’t have a good signal in the area where you are operating and as a result of that the simple transaction process is turned into a complex and frustrating process. In other words, you must be sure that the wireless service provider has an excellent coverage of the area. Talk to your merchant service provider about this issue. Don’t forget that if these transactions are long or repeated, your customers will lose their trust in you.

Many businesses have witnessed the benefits of using wireless POS terminals. Some of the businesses where these terminals have proven to be helpful include seasonal stores, big retail stores and restaurants. Table pay option is probably the best thing about the use of wireless POS terminals in restaurants and bars. In other words, the waiter can bring the terminal at the table and get the payment right away. The customers definitely feel much more convenient in this way.

There are cases when stores simply cannot be connected to a classic terminal. So, wireless POS terminal is the only option for them. In addition, there are consultants and contractors that are operating in different places. When there is no fixed location in play, they must consider the use of a wireless POS system. One good example of contractors like this is plumbers. If they carry a small wireless POS terminal to your place, you will get a chance to pay them with your credit card on site. There is no need to go out and get cash from the ATM.

Using a wired POS system is perfectly fine. However, using a wireless POS terminal brings many other benefits that can make doing business easier and simpler than ever before.